Nancy and Plum por Betty MacDonald

Nancy and Plum por Betty MacDonald

December 5, 2019

Titulo del libro : Nancy and Plum
Fecha de lanzamiento : October 1, 2011
Autor : Betty MacDonald
Número de páginas : 240
ISBN : 0375859861
Editor : Yearling Books

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Betty MacDonald con Nancy and Plum

Nancy and Plum "It was Christmas Eve. Big snowflakes fluttered slowly through the air like white feathers " "and made all of Heavenly Valley smooth and white and quiet and beautiful." So begins the story of two orphaned sisters at Mrs. Monday's Boarding School. But nothing is heavenly for Nancy and Pamela (aka Plum): their parents died in a tragic accident years ago, they're constantly punished by the cruel Mrs. Monday, and they're all alone for the holidays. Luckily, Nancy and Plum have each other, and though their prospects may be bleak, they're determined to change their lot for the better. If their plan works, the spirited sisters will never spend Christmas at the co...