Civil War Ii: X-men por Cullen Bunn

Civil War Ii: X-men por Cullen Bunn

October 20, 2019

Titulo del libro : Civil War Ii: X-men
Fecha de lanzamiento : November 6, 2016
Autor : Cullen Bunn
Número de páginas : 112
ISBN : 1302902547
Editor : Marvel Comics

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Cullen Bunn con Civil War Ii: X-men

The X-Men enter the fray of CIVIL WAR II! As Terrigen Mist circles the globe - igniting the Inhuman race while crippling mutantkind - tensions have been rising between the two races. And when a new Inhuman who can see the future emerges, the X-Men fear he may tip the scales and spell doom for their kind. Now, one mutant is willing to wage war with the Inhumans and his own people to prevent that from coming to pass - and that mutant is Magneto! But as the Master of Magnetism takes fate into his own hands, who will join him in an assault on Attilan? What side will the X-Men take? And could it be that Magneto's actions only serve to bring about the outcome he fears? Collecting CIVIL WAR II: X-MEN #1-4, plus the classic AMAZING ADVENTURES (1970) #9.