Why I Hate Canadians por Will Ferguson

Why I Hate Canadians por Will Ferguson

April 2, 2020

Titulo del libro : Why I Hate Canadians
Autor : Will Ferguson

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Will Ferguson con Why I Hate Canadians

Reseña del editor First published in 1997, this hilarious book launched satirist Will Ferguson's career. Challenging the notion that Canadians are nice,” the book asks, Do we as Canadians deserve a country so great?” Tackling subjects from Canada's favorite inbred royals to the mighty beaver as national icon, from sex in a canoe to all-Canadian ""superhero"" Captain Canuck, Ferguson rampages across the cultural landscape. The book also provides a fast-paced, opinionated overview of telling moments in Canadian history, including its run-amok Mounties and fun-loving days” of the country's (unacknowledged) slave trade.