Mooncop por Tom Gauld

Mooncop por Tom Gauld

September 15, 2019

Titulo del libro : Mooncop
Fecha de lanzamiento : September 20, 2016
Autor : Tom Gauld
Número de páginas : 96
ISBN : 1770462546
Editor : Drawn and Quarterly

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Tom Gauld con Mooncop

The lunar colony is slowly winding down, like a small town circumvented by a new super highway. As our hero, the Mooncop, makes his daily rounds, his beat grows ever smaller, the population dwindles. Depicted in the distinctive, matter-of-fact style of Tom Gauld's beloved Guardian strips, Mooncop is equal parts funny and melancholy. Gauld captures essential truths about humanity, making this a story of the past, present, and future, all in one.