What On Earth?: Water por Isabel Thomas

What On Earth?: Water por Isabel Thomas

January 22, 2020

Titulo del libro : What On Earth?: Water
Autor : Isabel Thomas

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Isabel Thomas con What On Earth?: Water

Reseña del editor Explore, create and investigate Wind and  Water. Learn about these elements through  experiments, investigations and hands-on  tasks. What on Earth? takes the reader on a  journey of discovery to explore the natural  elements of our world. Discover all about the water cycle and  make a precipitation gauge or grow your  own stalactite.  This series takes a cross-disciplinary approach,  including links to culture, history, arts and  crafts, as well as the science behind eachtopic. Internal links encourage children to  choose their own path through the book, with  each spread providing a new adventure.       Biografía del autor ISABEL THOMAS has written more than 100 books for children, specialising in science topics. As well as writing books, she has blogged for Project Wild Thing about how to inspire children to find nature in an urban environment.Paulina Morgan works as an independent illustrator based in Santiago de Chile. She studied design before moving to Barcelona, Spain to obtain her master’s degree in Art Direction. She worked in advertising before deciding to pursue her passion for illustration.