Clinical Neurophysiology Board Review Q&A por Puneet K. Gupta

Clinical Neurophysiology Board Review Q&A por Puneet K. Gupta

September 18, 2019

Titulo del libro : Clinical Neurophysiology Board Review Q&A
Fecha de lanzamiento : November 30, 2014
Autor : Puneet K. Gupta
Número de páginas : 450
ISBN : 1936287870
Editor : Demos Medical

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Puneet K. Gupta con Clinical Neurophysiology Board Review Q&A

"Clinical Neurophysiology Board Review Q&A" provides a thorough review of the complex subspecialty of Clinical Neurophysiology, using a question-and-answer (Q&A) format. The Q&A format is easily readable, high yield, and serves as good practice for test takers or anyone looking to improve or reinforce essential knowledge. The book contains 750 questions with detailed answers, explanations, and references. Emphasis is on the key concepts that must be mastered to prepare for the boards or recertification. To help assess knowledge in clinical neurophysiology and related fields, the book provides both series of case-based questions and stand-alone questions. It is divided into 8 sections covering electronics; basic and advanced electroencephalogram (EEG), basic and advanced nerve conduction studies (NCS)/ electromyography (EMG), basic and advanced sleep; and evoked potentials (EP)/intraoperative monitoring (IOM). Questions in each section are distributed to provide full coverage of each area. High quality digital images will be included throughout with examples of both common and esoteric waveforms. The book closes with a "Pearls" section that collects key concepts, tables, scales, and facts that can be quickly reviewed by candidates before sitting for the various examinations. "Clinical Neurophysiology Board Review Q&A" features Comprehensive, high-yield review that could be used for multiple board exams at various levels of training Board-type question and answer format with answers, detailed explanations, and references Packed with state-of-the-art digital images of a wide number of neurophysiological tests, Includes EEG, evoked potentials, intraoperative monitoring, polysomnograms, multiple sleep latency tests, autonomic studies, EMG, and NCS Case-based questions in series to simulate the full range of question types found on boards Portable, pocket-sized format for on-the-go study