Moon por Mallock,Gueritot

Moon por Mallock,Gueritot

January 24, 2020

Titulo del libro : Moon
Autor : Mallock,Gueritot

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Mallock,Gueritot con Moon

Reseña del editor The two halves of the female buttocks have been irresistibly attracting both men's hands and eyes from time immemorial. When our eyes caress these twin planets, we men give them an imaginary pat. But if these divine curves are photographed, it is a tribute, and an irrepressible desire to try to make human bottoms, these seductive masterpieces, immortal. Thus, a considerable collection has been created, a sharp “book of bottoms” with observations in all sorts of styles and variations, practically anything photographable. Looking forward to seeing the next one, the connoisseur turns the page. When Moon was published “How do they work together?” was the most frequently asked question. Well, Guéritot shoots the photos, and Mallock transmogrifies them. Guéritot, a brilliant horse rider and polo player, is skilled at capturing one moment in time, and the beauty of natural things. After female beauty, he tries to capture the live emotion of the horse. He succeeds so well in melting into the background, and making his models feel so relaxed, that all the girls who posed for him forMoon insisted on sharing a new experience with him, which we call Boobs. Biografía del autor Mallock, aka J-D Bruet-Ferreol, is a digital painter. He was one of the very first photographers chosen by the Grand Oakaus for its Autumn Exhibition in 1980. He was also awarded the Jury Special Prize for a study on solitude. These favorable omens led him to great achievements as a freelance creative director, editor, designer, and creator of contemporary visual art, as prolific in the advertising world as in the arts. In 2000, he was chosen to exhibit at the Grand Palais Critics Figuration Salon.Guéritot spent his childhood years in Ivory Coast, settling in Paris in 1977 aged 16. In 1980, he left Orsay University with a degree in animal biology, subsequently to embark on professional training in advertising photography at the Gobelins.