College Football in America por Patrick Triplett

College Football in America por Patrick Triplett

October 14, 2019

Titulo del libro : College Football in America
Autor : Patrick Triplett

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Patrick Triplett con College Football in America

Each Saturday between the first week in September and the last week in November a phenomenon occurs in America that does not exist anywhere else in the world. It happens in places like Tuscaloosa, Baton Rouge, Austin, Norman, Lincoln, Ann Arbor and Columbus, where vast structures become outdoor cathedrals for multitudes of worshiping fans. It is known as Division 1-A collegiate football, and for many it is more than a sport. It is a passion that borders on religious experience. From its meager beginnings a century and a half ago the game has reached an immense popularity unprecedented in American amateur sport. Its history is steeped in rich tradition, its founders enshrined in hallowed halls, its coaches and players forever revered in lore. It has deepened and ripened amid controversy, social politics, racial prejudice and threats of banning the sport all together. Congress has intervened into the preservation of collegiate football from State Governors and Senators to the President of the United States. The very concept of student athletes representing their school in organized football is foreign to people throughout the rest of the world. And yet it has not only survived a dozen decades, it has flourished into a multi-billion dollar industry, creating more revenue annually than any sport, professional or amateur outside the United States. This is the story of my passion and devotion to what I consider the greatest game in the world, based on stories handed down from my dad and grandfather to having read countless books, watching first-hand some of the epic games ever played to gathering endless data in an attempt to present an accurate and interesting read. This is the story of America’s most popular pastime as told through it’s most legendary figures, significant moments and memorable games.