Southampton club is UK’s best quidditch team

A Southampton-based quidditch club has become the best team in the UK after winning the British Quidditch Cup.

Southampton Quidditch Club competed against seven other teams at the finals tournament, which was held in Nottingham earlier this month.

They defeated defending champions the Radcliffe Chimeras 120-90 in the final to lift the cup, after earlier seeing themselves past the London Unspeakables (who they beat 290-10) and the Keele Squirrels (70-0), both with convincing wins.

They will now compete in the European Quidditch Cup, which will be held in Oxford in April.

In the initial group stage they will compete against the Three River Dragons Passau, the METU Unicorns and the Paris Titans.

Team captain and President Simon Bidwell told the Southern Daily Echo: “On the way home on the coach I said to the team ‘It is not the end – it is just the beginning’, because we have something really special in our club and if we keep training hard we can keep winning titles.

“The teams from France are really good but I’m confident if we keep playing well we will be the best Quidditch team in Europe.”

Muggle quidditch is a sport based on the one practiced by witches and wizards in J.K. Rowling’s successful Harry Potter Series. It is gaining popularity across the country, especially in universities.

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