In The Spotlight: What You Should Know About Solent’s 2015 Union Award Winners

This year, Southampton Solent’s Union Awards brought together rising talents, from society members and enterprising students, to committee staff and newcomers for an unforgettable night at the ”Dancing Man Brewery”.

Naomi Oiku – Solent SU president giving a speech

Made by Nicole Trengove

Photos by Nicole Trengove

Following the Awards ceremony, Sonar Magazine went behind the scenes to meet the winners.

The first one to share her thoughts about the evening was Naomi Fry from Sonar Film, awarded Volunteer of the Year. 



Sonar Mag: What were some of the highlights of the event for you?

Naomi: The whole evening was a bit of a blur, if i’m honest. It was just a brilliant end to my first year at Uni! My highlight of the awards was winning, which sounds rather cliche but I genuinely thought I had no chance. It was a huge surprise and such an honour. Both of my competitors (Marco and Sophie) really deserve the same recognition.

Sonar Mag: What’s next in store, now that you’ve won an award?

Naomi: Doing lots more volunteering and offering my time to charities and events that need manpower. I just love the variety of activities I’ve been offered this year. I’ve done farm work and fun run volunteering, amongst other things. It’s always new and exciting. Long may it continue!


Next one to stop for a chat was Marica Scevlikova, awarded Student Officer of the Year.



Sonar Mag: What are you looking forward in the future?

Marica:  Now that I have won the award, I am thrilled to put it on my CV, LinkedIn Profile and everywhere else to secure my future. It has been an honour to help and work with SU on many different projects, as well as mine over the three years. The staff has been amazing and always helpful.

Sonar Mag: Is this night everything you’ve ever wished for?

Marica: Personally, I think that the event went well and students had fun.  It was wonderful compared with last year. It can be seen that they have made an effort to organise something proper and I hope and believe, that the new student officers will do great things and that the SU will prosper greatly from what we have been planning this year.


In between cocktails and dinner, we also met Ashleigh Harris, who was twice a winner for the night. Awarded Student of the Year and Most Engaged Course Rep is only the beginning and we’ve got proof to back up this statement. Here’s why:



Sonar Mag:  What projects do you think mattered the most, in winning the awards?

Ashleigh: Projects wise, I feel that the charity based societies were suitably represented along side all the societies that also covered the students extra curricular interests. So, I would.say there is no clear aspect that was more important than another.

Sonar Mag: With 2 awards on your C.V. , what are you going to focus from now on?

Ashleigh: I will be looking into getting involved with our student representation next year by assisting with training course reps on facilitating better channels of communication between their courses. Hopefully, the presence of these awards will go onto bigger participants next year, from the student body itself.


Among the many surprises of the night, was Cole Logan Ricketts. Though unable to attend the event, the recently elected president of the LGBT society won the Most Supportive Student award and met with us a few days later, on a most revealing conversation:



Sonar Mag: Tell us a bit about your first reactions. What were your first thoughts when you found out about winning the award?

Cole: I was really surprised, like really surprised. People see me as a hard character so, to have won most supportive student was lovely. Especially, to see that someone obviously thought my kindness was worth rewarding.

Sonar Mag: What projects do you consider to be an advantage in your nomination?

Cole: I honestly can’t recall anything of note, so that was another reason I was surprised to win. I hadn’t gone out of my way to support anyone. I’d just done it at the time and thought nothing of it.

Sonar Mag: Then, what’s next? What are some of your future plans?

Cole:  Well right now, I plan to enjoy summer. But by the time I come back, I’ll have lots of plans for the LGBT society, as for the rest of my committee.

That’s something to look forward to. In the meantime, for more on the Union Awards, check out this link:

Photo credits: Nicole Trengove

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