Has Modern Day Feminism Infantilised Women?

In a recent piece made with the BBC’s Daily Politics show, Laura Perrins – co-editor of The Conservative Woman – stated that feminism has created a generation of women who moan and are generally unhappy thanks to what has been left to us from our predecessors. Watching this interview really got me thinking about the role of feminism today. Continue reading “Has Modern Day Feminism Infantilised Women?”

Cultural Quarter: Gentrification or Petrification?

We’re back, and the semester is in full swing after our rather long summer break and we’re back in the gem of Great Britain’s south coast; Southampton, however something is different, yes our very own Cultural Quarter is up and running after a long development process and it looks fantastic with all of its new outlets, restaurants and other establishments, such as the arts complex and … Continue reading Cultural Quarter: Gentrification or Petrification?