“We’re the Dreamgirls!” – Live Review

Lovers of theatre, wait no more, I have the perfect show for you. Dreamgirls, the Musical Live in London starring Glee star Amber Riley as ‘Effie’.

I had the best time ever watching this musical being brought to life, the vocals, the live band, the costumes, the chorography…I could baffle on about my excitement but we would be here all night. I was always a Dreamgirl but after this night, I am one for life. The cast had amazing chemistry on stage. Don’t get me started with my bestie Amber Riley, who portrayed Mercedes Jones on the musical series that changed our lives forever, Glee. Her vocals are out of this world, she owned her character really well.

And yes, people say it all the time but I literally felt like she was born to sing. The audience were standing on their feet before the show even finished. Other than my gal Amber, I’ve got to give credits to Adam J Bernard who portrayed ‘Jimmy Early’ he is such a great singer and gave me laughs throughout the whole performance.
For sure this felt like an early Xmas present, better yet a b-day gift as I’m a December baby. Shout out to my Capricorns. If you plan on hitting London town this New Year’s be sure to visit the theatre and watch Dreamgirls, I promise you won’t be disappointed. It’s one for the family & you better book your tickets early as I’m not sure how long the show will be running for. Well now convincing my bank account to buy another ticket, well that’s another story.

By Diana Olishaba

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