In the wake of Donald Trump’s inauguration, Southampton held its own Women’s March in protest

Like thousands all around the world, women, men and children gathered together at Southampton’s Bargate to stand up for equality.

Event organisers expected only a small crowd due to the short time in which the day had been planned – but were surprised to receive a crowd of over a hundred protesters.

Students Veronika Rudolf and Charlie Moyenda spent three days organising the event for the day after Trump’s inauguration. The two said they were extremely angry at Trump’s election but that that wouldn’t stop them;
“If people are together that’s all that matters. It didn’t sit right with us that there were no events organised like those in London or Washington D.C. in Southampton. So we planned the event so that the city could play a role in making history.”

The protest was a chance for Southampton locals to show their support for those standing against the election of a President with a history of making sexist and derogatory comments about women. Many of those there had a lot to say about Mr Trump:

Christine Hooper – “I’m here to protest against Trump’s philosophy of racism and sexism. I think it’s incredible that he has power now”.

Gilly O’Reilly – “I’m protesting to support the next generation of feminists. They need to know that they can fight for their beliefs and that we’re here to support them”.

Dido (as she chose to be named) – ” Like other people, I believe that patriarchy gives rise to misogyny. It’s sinister to hear some of what Trump says, particularly about women and his plans to consolidate military interests in America. These types of views were damaging in the 1930’s and it seems we haven’t learnt our lesson”.

The protest welcomed many speakers who wanted to share their beliefs with the growing crowd – one of whom was Southampton City Councillor, Satvir Kaur. Councillor Kaur believes that solidarity is important at this time;
“We’ve shown solidarity today through this diverse group of people. There’s definitely a feeling of why we should protest. No one is thinking of changing the world overnight but we know we can begin change by standing against the sentiment brought to us by Donald Trump. There should be an element of fear about the current situation but we shouldn’t let that affect our will to fight”.

Although the march may be over for now there are more events being held around Southampton and Hampshire. If you want to know more head to:

Or you can find Solent’s Feminist Society on Facebook.

By Isabelle Truscott

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