ICW Live Event – Is British Wrestling at an all time high?

British Independent Wrestling has never felt as important as it does right now.

Wrestling is already of a massive deal in the United States and around the world with almost 2 million people tuning into weekly WWE television.

With the introduction of the WWE United Kingdom Championship, the wrestling scene in the United Kingdom is at an all-time high and with that, so are independent wrestling companies.

Insane Championship Wrestling came to Southampton’s Engine Rooms with a stacked roster and 3 hours of entertainment being recorded for their ‘fight club’ series being broadcast on ICW’s On Demand network. Acts making appearances included former WWE talent such as Drew Galloway as well as some of the most exciting names on the independent wrestling circuit today including Grado, Joe Coffey, Nixon Newell and Trent Seven – who is now an NXT star due to his performances on the WWE United Kingdom Championship.

While I may not be a guru when it comes to The UK Independent wrestling scene, what I can tell you is that they pull out all the stops to put on the best show possible demonstrating brilliant story-telling through their matches, promos and other segments that were used to create or elevate angles and story lines. The stand out points being Drew Galloway coming out during Wolfgang vs. Jack Jester to side with Wolfgang and potentially set up feud between Jack Jester and Grado in the future.

Special mentions goes out to Nixon Newell and Kay Lee Ray who put on an incredible Women’s Championship match utilising the majority of their surroundings, spilling out of the ring and taking bumps on the hardest part of the ring – the apron. Apart from ICW Championship holder Trent Seven, who put on brilliant match in his own right, the loudest pop of the evening came when ‘The Local Hero” Joe Hendry came out an teamed with Sha Samuels to compete against ICW tag team Champions “The Marauders”. The Main Event saw ICW Champion Trent Seven defend his title against Lionheart. The crowd got into the match providing an electrifying atmosphere as the two competitors took the action into the audience and into the bar.

If you have yet to go to and independent wrestling show and you are a fan of WWE then what are you waiting for? Companies like Insane Championship Wrestling as well as Progress Wrestling and more recently WhatCulture Pro Wrestling put on brilliant shows for their audiences with some of the best talent the UK has to offer. With some of the pro wrestlers such as Trent Seven getting exposure on the likes of Impact Wrestling and WWE things can only get bigger and better.

On top of everything, looking into the way an independent wrestler goes about their job is a real eye opener when you consider the amount of different companies they wrestle for and how some of them have to alter their character to the angle they are working on any particular promotion – for example, seeing the difference in Wolfgang’s move set and ring psychology compared to what we saw during the WWE United Kingdom Championship tournament and Joe Hendry wrestling as a baby face after his recent heel turn on WCPW.

These wrestlers deserve your support and will not let you down whenever they perform even if wrestling isn’t quite your cup of tea but is something you could see yourself getting into then its shows like this one that will definitely be a great starting point. Great value for money and very accessible if it’s in an area remotely local to you. Definitely worth checking out.


By Kyle Wood

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