Sonar TV to produce sitcom based on Student Life

I had the great opportunity to speak to Film and TV Production student, James Court, who is the writer and show-runner of one of Sonar TV’s latest projects – Overdraft.

The life of the student is a mad one. We stumble around our campus going between uni assignments and our social lives. Finding a healthy work-life balance can be tricky, but many of us manage.

Solent is such a creative university, it’s no real surprise that a group of students wanted to show what uni life is like through their technological and theatrical talents.

James Court, in association with Sonar TV, is bringing all of this to life in the form of Overdraft. The sitcom, which is set to finish filming in May, is all about a group of six Solent students trying to make ends meet by running the student bar. The show covers the dramas of how student and working life intertwine.

Inspired by a screenplay he wrote during his time at college, James swapped his drama class setting for our very own Den bar on the SU ground floor.

The show was originally offered to Solent TV but was eventually taken up by Sonar TV after James pitched it to the society’s members.

Producing Overdraft has been a hefty workload for James;  not only did he write the scripts and act as show-runner, he also has a leading role in the show, playing James Clark.

Although James is enjoying the process of making the show, he has no immediate plans to start another project once production on Overdraft is over:

“Because this has been such a big project I think I may take a break from making extra-curricular stuff myself, until maybe third year. I don’t know exactly what I want to do next, I want to see how this pans out and if it opens up any new opportunities for me.”

By speaking to James it’s clear to see how passionate he is about producing this show. I asked him what advice he’d give to anyone with similar aspirations:

“They’ve probably heard it all before but, just do it. There’s no time like the present. Especially when you’re at university and have access to so much equipment. Just grab a camera and find people who are also interested and try and make something fantastic!”

Overdraft will be screened in Spetember 2017. For more information about Overdraft and Sonar TV head to their Facebook pages.

By Isabelle Truscott

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