Southampton’s Newest Record Store: Vinilo

Music lovers, rejoice, for a new record store has just opened up in Southampton’s city centre, and it’s super cool. You may have noticed a few new places opening up around town since we’ve come back from summer break, and Vinilo, a record store where you can chill out, listen to vinyl in store, and even order a coffee while you’re at it, is just … Continue reading Southampton’s Newest Record Store: Vinilo

Grizzly Bear’s Triumphant Return

American indie rock band Grizzly Bear has returned to the music scene with a new album, Painted Ruins, after 2012’s critically acclaimed Shields. They are definitely a band that is worth waiting for, since their music is very unique, channeling influences ranging from psychedelia and experiment to rock and pop. Their music is significant by having many musical layers that are charmingly innovative and compositionally detailed. You … Continue reading Grizzly Bear’s Triumphant Return

Ice Skate Southampton to open at WestQuay

WestQuay is opening its first ever Ice Rink in just a matter of weeks. SKATE Southampton is coming to  this Christmas starting on Saturday 11th November, right through until 2nd January. Skate will open right at the heart of the city, in front of the old city walls at the Esplanade for WestQuay South. This festive rink is a massive 740 sq metres big enough … Continue reading Ice Skate Southampton to open at WestQuay

Virgil Abloh’s Nike

On September 14th, 2017, I was one of a handful to attend Nike’s “Process of Collaboration” talk within London’s Barbican centre; this was an occasion in which 5 of “The Ten” were released. Guest speakers included both Virgil Abloh and Nate Jobe; Nike’s Senior Design Director, who answered questions towards the end of proceedings on top of signing merchandise. As the event got underway, we … Continue reading Virgil Abloh’s Nike

NBHD Festival 2017: A Review

The opportunity to catch performances from the likes of Peace, Rat Boy, Superfood and INHEAVEN all in the same day is not one that comes around too often, so when this year’s line-up for Neighbourhood Festival was announced, it’s fair to say that fans of indie and alternative music got a little excited. The one-day festival was held across twelve Manchester venues, spanning the length … Continue reading NBHD Festival 2017: A Review

Here We Are: The Burberry Exhibition

I’ve always loved London. Growing up within the hustle and bustle of commuters, teenagers and parents struggling to get their kids in the car for school was always fun to see. Having grown up (and ‘fled the nest’ as mums would say) to start university just over a year ago, I have more of an appreciation for landmarks and art culture that our capital offers. … Continue reading Here We Are: The Burberry Exhibition

Thomas Truax Talks Music, Bike Wheels, and the Moon

Thomas Truax is an American singer-songwriter and inventor, best known for his collection of weird and wonderful self-made instruments. Featuring but not limited to, a drum machine called ‘Mother Superior’, made out of “old bicycle wheels, a motor, spoons and various percussive bits.” Continue reading “Thomas Truax Talks Music, Bike Wheels, and the Moon”