Tempesst Play Heartbreakers Southampton!

If you haven’t yet heard of the band Tempesst, its about time you did.

The alternative rock band made up of twin brothers, Andy (drums), Roma (guitar), their childhood friends from Australia; Kane (keyboard) and Blake (bass), not forgetting their latest member of the group Eric (guitar), took to the stage of Southampton’s Heartbreakers to celebrate the venues one year anniversary. The long – haired energetic group took to the stage playing songs from their latest EP ‘Doomsday’, and they put on quite a show.


What better place for the childhood friends to stop off at, than the Heartbreakers in Southampton. The friendly atmosphere of the venue, alongside the impressive put – together decor, made for an amazing night of dancing. Celebrating the venues one year anniversary, balloons filled the air as did hands and smoke as the music blared all night long. The crowd seemed more than satisfied with the songs from their debut EP, although you would think they had been releasing albums for years due to the polished performance and lyrical talent.

No doubt, the boy’s left sweaty and very proud, after the crowd sang and danced along to their songs, sounding similar to the likes of Tame impala and Moses Gunn Collective. I would watch out for these five boys as no doubt they will be touring again some time soon.


Keep up with the Tempesst Band on their social media pages below:




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