In The Spotlight: What You Should Know About Solent’s 2015 Union Award Winners

This year, Southampton Solent’s Union Awards brought together rising talents, from society members and enterprising students, to committee staff and newcomers for an unforgettable night at the ”Dancing Man Brewery”. Following the Awards ceremony, Sonar Magazine went behind the scenes to meet the winners. The first one to share her thoughts about the evening was Naomi Fry from Sonar Film, awarded Volunteer of the Year.    Sonar Mag: What were some of the … Continue reading In The Spotlight: What You Should Know About Solent’s 2015 Union Award Winners

UK’s undeclared war: drug legalisation could change the game ahead of the elections


It’s a never ending battle over drug laws between Tories and Lib Dems, which is far from being over. But, who has more to gain from it and will they ever reach common ground? Bianca Caministeanu investigates.

Drugs aren’t a new deal anymore. From taking your morning coffee to having a drink at your favourite bar, the line between habit and addiction is often blurred by them. Look at Weeds or Breaking Bad (a show so talked about, that it feels sinful not to watch) and you would almost instantly realise that drugs are a routine. They’re part of our lives, part of our society and the government’s strategy of controlling their spread is almost too good to be true. Why? Because it doesn’t exist.

A year ago, Prime Minister David Cameron tackled this issue at an O2 call centre in Cheshire. ‘‘What we are doing is working. I don’t believe in decriminalising drugs that are illegal today. I think one of the biggest problems we have got right now is the problem of so-called legal highs; drugs are being sold openly which can have real dangers, for particularly young and I want to see us have tougher powers so that we ban these legal highs, take them off the high streets and protect more of our young people.’’

As one of the ‘young people’ mentioned in Cameron’s speech still living in student halls, I doubt there is enough awareness of the serious, harmful risks of using ‘legal highs’. Every day, more and more people are becoming addicted to drugs. Yet, somehow there are few who actually know what they’re exposing themselves to. Whether it’s peer pressure, curiosity or something else, people need to be on guard when they use drugs because it’s a slippery slope from feeling good to losing the will or power over your actions.

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The Silence Game


There’s a game I remember, that takes a lot of your time and patience. Regardless of that, it can still be very entertaining if played with the right person.

The rules are simple: two people must face each other and stay silent, no matter what distractions they might find along the way. Players can poke, make weird faces or jump and move around, but never, ever brake the silence. Whoever speaks first, loses. Could the same thing be said in real life?

It’s not as easy as you may think to be silent. Even more so, when you’re surrounded by people constantly talking about their problems, complaining about everything and ignoring the most important things in their lives. Silence is a challenge. After all, isn’t it human nature to desire communication and closeness?

The weird thing is, nobody can quite explain why silence is never the same for two people. For some, silence is about meditating, slowing down their fast-track lives with demanding jobs, while others find loneliness, heartache and much more complex, indescribable feelings. But the way I see it, silence is about detachment and observing people around you. Continue reading “The Silence Game”