Funding cuts affecting university sport

Universities have faced massive funding cuts to UK sports initiatives over the past four years. Many universities have faced funding cuts throughout the year with the government’s aim focusing more on participation as oppose to competition. Table tennis is an example of a sport which is facing funding problems at Solent University with the team struggling in the BUCS Western 1A league this year due the absence … Continue reading Funding cuts affecting university sport

A Cabin On The Beach: Cabana Review

Located in WestQuay, Cabana, the home of Rio’s street food, is amongst the best restaurants in Southampton that provides a cultural experience for all food lovers. From the moment you enter Cabana, you’re hit by the beautiful Brazilian aromas that flow from the open kitchen and through the whole of the restaurant. What we love about Cabana is its communal set-up and how they encourage … Continue reading A Cabin On The Beach: Cabana Review

Have Your Say: The Gender Recognition Act

The 2004 Gender Recognition At (GRA) set up a process to allow transgender (trans) people “to receive legal recognition of their acquired gender” (, 2018). There are some who would argue that this system has flaws, and so the government is now consulting on reforming the GRA. It is important to note that this is not a proposal to reform the 2010 Equality Act, nor … Continue reading Have Your Say: The Gender Recognition Act

MuTrend: Portland Street Exchange

Southampton’s Portland Street was taken over by creatives from around the city, in a bid to bring life back to the historic street. The free community event was curated by the Mu Collective team to explore the themes of time, memories and history.  At the street opening visitors were greeted by a monumental cardboard griffin, commissioned by David McDiarmid, before being guided along the length … Continue reading MuTrend: Portland Street Exchange

Vintage Fair Returns to Southampton

Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair returns to Southampton’s O2 Guildhall on Saturday 6th October. The award-winning vintage fair showcases 30 of the UK’s best vintage traders, with items from every era from the 1940s to the 1980s. Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair offers top quality vintage clothing, accessories, craft, homeware and collectables, all at affordable prices. The event also features live music, a pop up beauty salon offering vintage style makeovers and … Continue reading Vintage Fair Returns to Southampton

Christmas Shopping, and Christmas Queuing…

It’s only 8 o’clock on a Monday morning and already, Sophie Castle has been queuing in traffic for half an hour. The early morning rush hour means a journey that would normally take her 25 minutes, now takes a staggering 52 minutes. “It’s so frustrating and I get really bored waiting in traffic when I just want to get to work.” In 2016, the UK … Continue reading Christmas Shopping, and Christmas Queuing…