A Cabin On The Beach: Cabana Review

Located in WestQuay, Cabana, the home of Rio’s street food, is amongst the best restaurants in Southampton that provides a cultural experience for all food lovers. From the moment you enter Cabana, you’re hit by the beautiful Brazilian aromas that flow from the open kitchen and through the whole of the restaurant. What we love about Cabana is its communal set-up and how they encourage … Continue reading A Cabin On The Beach: Cabana Review

Dr. Martens Launch Event

On Wednesday 6th December, Dr. Martens launched their highly anticipated new store with Southampton’s finest music acts providing a night of raucous celebration. Support artist and singer/songwriter Sean McGowan warmed the crowd with an energetic folk-punk performance, playing to an audience eager to welcome him to the brand-new store. We had a chat with Sean before the event. Next up headline act and Southampton’s finest female-fronted math-pop four-piece Signals paid homage to Dr. Martens … Continue reading Dr. Martens Launch Event

Safe Week: Summary of the week!

SAFE Week is coming to an end, and I’ve worked with so many great services this week and there’s many more that can help so I thought todays post would be a summary of those, as well as good places to start looking for information if you need it! Sexual Health – Solent NHS Sexual Health https://www.letstalkaboutit.nhs.uk/ and for more info on what will happen at … Continue reading Safe Week: Summary of the week!

Safe Week: I Love Consent

Today probably won’t be as fun or personal as yesterdays post, but sometime we need to get real for a few minutes. CW for the rest of post for this sensitive area, although no specific topics. Consent. The word itself has so many negative and positive connotations, for so many reasons but the basic jist is don’t do anything to someone unless they tell you … Continue reading Safe Week: I Love Consent