REVIEW: Billionaire Boy – The Musical

A journey from one emotion to another, “Billionaire boy” is not about money, it’s about the things that actually matter: friendships, family and love. From laughing in tears to singing along and feeling like a part of the cast, “Billionaire Boy” was a delightful play to see. Adapted from the book by David Walliams which probably every British person is familiar with. The main character, Joe … Continue reading REVIEW: Billionaire Boy – The Musical

Funding cuts affecting university sport

Universities have faced massive funding cuts to UK sports initiatives over the past four years. Many universities have faced funding cuts throughout the year with the government’s aim focusing more on participation as oppose to competition. Table tennis is an example of a sport which is facing funding problems at Solent University with the team struggling in the BUCS Western 1A league this year due the absence … Continue reading Funding cuts affecting university sport

Tom Odell – O2 Guildhall 26.10.18

With the release of his 3rd album ‘Jubilee Road’ on the same day, Tom Odell’s gig at Southampton’s O2 Guildhall is a celebratory achievement and he provided the crowd charisma and poise. Having topped the charts with his debut album in 2013 ‘Long Way Down,’ and gained more popularity with the cover of The Beatles’ ‘Real Love’ for 2014’s John Lewis’ Christmas ad campaign, Odell … Continue reading Tom Odell – O2 Guildhall 26.10.18

Top Ten most disappointing comic book movies

Since Venom came out last week and received a myriad of mixed reviews (you can check it out at Sonar Film until the 27th), we thought we would take a trip down memory lane and rate the top ten most disappointing comic book films of recent history. 10. Black Panther (2018) Admittedly a harsh inclusion, included more due to the film being underwhelming as opposed … Continue reading Top Ten most disappointing comic book movies

Storytelling in Games

There is so much potential for games to become an engaging storytelling medium. This potential is not being fulfilled. Most games seem to fall into two categories when it comes to writing. They either do not understand storytelling techniques, and fail to tell an intriguing story, or try to imitate film, which can come across like it can not decide what it wants to be … Continue reading Storytelling in Games