Crohn’s Disease – The Invisible Illness

The word Crohn’s may not sound that familiar to you, or in fact to many people, as it is not a widely talked about or known disease. Crohn’s disease is definitely something that you should acknowledge, as it effects over 300,000 people in the UK alone. Crohn’s disease is known as an invisible illness. On the outside the sufferer can look as well as you … Continue reading Crohn’s Disease – The Invisible Illness

A Cabin On The Beach: Cabana Review

Located in WestQuay, Cabana, the home of Rio’s street food, is amongst the best restaurants in Southampton that provides a cultural experience for all food lovers. From the moment you enter Cabana, you’re hit by the beautiful Brazilian aromas that flow from the open kitchen and through the whole of the restaurant. What we love about Cabana is its communal set-up and how they encourage … Continue reading A Cabin On The Beach: Cabana Review

Have Your Say: The Gender Recognition Act

The 2004 Gender Recognition At (GRA) set up a process to allow transgender (trans) people “to receive legal recognition of their acquired gender” (, 2018). There are some who would argue that this system has flaws, and so the government is now consulting on reforming the GRA. It is important to note that this is not a proposal to reform the 2010 Equality Act, nor … Continue reading Have Your Say: The Gender Recognition Act

Medusa, an interview with a serial killer, gone sexual badass

It’s erotic, it’s untamed and it’s outright raucous. Medusa is a ingenious take on the classic gorgon tale, emulating the troubles of a contemporary star who just happens to have a snakes for hair and a gaze that turns men into a shadow of themselves. Except their penises have just dropped off and then subsequently used for bowling pins – this show is wild. Medusa … Continue reading Medusa, an interview with a serial killer, gone sexual badass

Quavo Huncho Album Review: cold and uncultured

For the past three years, Migos have held a monopoly over the trap genre, bringing it to the bright lights of the Billboard Top 100 and being influential figures in the passing of the torch of popularity from Rock to Hip-hop.  The rise of each Quavo, Takeoff and Offset is partly due to the musical revolution happening out in Atlanta, pushing them to the forefront … Continue reading Quavo Huncho Album Review: cold and uncultured

Tempesst Play Heartbreakers Southampton!

If you haven’t yet heard of the band Tempesst, its about time you did. The alternative rock band made up of twin brothers, Andy (drums), Roma (guitar), their childhood friends from Australia; Kane (keyboard) and Blake (bass), not forgetting their latest member of the group Eric (guitar), took to the stage of Southampton’s Heartbreakers to celebrate the venues one year anniversary. The long – haired … Continue reading Tempesst Play Heartbreakers Southampton!

MuTrend: Portland Street Exchange

Southampton’s Portland Street was taken over by creatives from around the city, in a bid to bring life back to the historic street. The free community event was curated by the Mu Collective team to explore the themes of time, memories and history.  At the street opening visitors were greeted by a monumental cardboard griffin, commissioned by David McDiarmid, before being guided along the length … Continue reading MuTrend: Portland Street Exchange