Christmas Shopping, and Christmas Queuing…

It’s only 8 o’clock on a Monday morning and already, Sophie Castle has been queuing in traffic for half an hour. The early morning rush hour means a journey that would normally take her 25 minutes, now takes a staggering 52 minutes. “It’s so frustrating and I get really bored waiting in traffic when I just want to get to work.” In 2016, the UK … Continue reading Christmas Shopping, and Christmas Queuing…

A Christmas COSMO

“And it was always said of him, that he knew how to keep Christmas well” – eating loads of food and complaining about the cold weather normally works out quite well for me. Luckily enough, COSMO is inside, warm and has a superb menu. After being invited to sample COSMO’s new Christmas themed selection of food, I thought it fitting I discuss the restaurant in the … Continue reading A Christmas COSMO

Doctor Who Returns with Doctor Mysterio in festive special

After a 12 month break for Doctor Who, my expectations for another terrible Christmas Special were immediately thrown out and replaced with a wonderful surprise. In fact, this ‘Christmas’ episode, really wasn’t very Christmas-y at all. The Doctor returns after taking most of 2016 off. And to my surprise the episode quickly launches into back into the same hot-streak of awesome that was series nine. It’s really … Continue reading Doctor Who Returns with Doctor Mysterio in festive special

Top 5 Christmas Netflix Picks

It’s that time of the year again folks! And whether you love it or hate it, a good Christmas film always gets me in the spirit! So, let’s see what we have on everybody’s favourite online streaming site to get you into that Christmas mood. 1. Home Alone Now, I personally was so excited to see this Christmas movie classic on Netflix! If you haven’t … Continue reading Top 5 Christmas Netflix Picks