Tom Odell – O2 Guildhall 26.10.18

With the release of his 3rd album ‘Jubilee Road’ on the same day, Tom Odell’s gig at Southampton’s O2 Guildhall is a celebratory achievement and he provided the crowd charisma and poise. Having topped the charts with his debut album in 2013 ‘Long Way Down,’ and gained more popularity with the cover of The Beatles’ ‘Real Love’ for 2014’s John Lewis’ Christmas ad campaign, Odell … Continue reading Tom Odell – O2 Guildhall 26.10.18

Album Review: Jubilee Road – Tom Odell

In an era of mainly Trap and House bops, our Sussex lad Tom Odell is back with his third album Jubilee Road. As expected, accompanied by his keyboard through every single song, a duo that should be considered part of the national heritage. Although there is nothing more than tenderness and simplicity at first glimpse of its cover, when you dive in its tracks you … Continue reading Album Review: Jubilee Road – Tom Odell

A Review of the Game Awards 2017

2017 was a great year for gaming. With so many deserving entries, this year turned out to be an interesting one for the Game Awards. However, with so many amazing games, there were some commendable games that walked away empty handed. Horizon: Zero Dawn – An open-world action/adventure with robot dinosaurs. Hollow Knight – A cute, cartoonish adventure, inspired by the classic Metroid series, about a … Continue reading A Review of the Game Awards 2017