Doctor Who: Thin Ice is a ‘cracking’ time

I was giddy with excitement after watching Thin Ice, and the smile on my face just wouldn’t leave. I absolutely love a Doctor Who story with a ton of depth and impressive exploration of character, and this week’s episode delivered on levels I never expected. Writer Sarah Dollard has accomplished a beautiful story amongst the frozen Thames in London during the last great frost fair in 1814. … Continue reading Doctor Who: Thin Ice is a ‘cracking’ time

Doctor Who: Smile fails to impress

Writer Frank Cottrell-Boyce returns to pen another below par attempt at a Doctor Who episode. Cottrell-Boyce’s most recent other creation in Doctor Who was In the Forest of the Night during Series 8, which was quickly regarded as one of the worst episodes ever made. However I tried to keep my pessimism at an all-time low coming into Smile. I hoped that Cottrell-Boyce has learnt … Continue reading Doctor Who: Smile fails to impress

Top 5 Netflix picks for January

1. A Series Of Unfortunate Events I could not make a list for Netflix without adding this classic. It’s the first season of a show that was originally a movie, adapted from the popular book series. It is about three orphans; a book-obsessed boy, a bitey baby and an inventive sister. There’s a villain who decides to disguise himself and tries to kidnap the children … Continue reading Top 5 Netflix picks for January