Writing for us


Our content is written by students of Solent University, Southampton. If you’re looking to create content with Sonar Magazine, the only requirement is that you’re a member of our society.

If you would like to write, work or have any queries regarding Sonar Magazine please contact the Editor, Robert Anderson, on sonar.magazinemail@gmail.com or 2ander94@solent.ac.uk – we look forward to hearing from you.

If you want to kick start this process, head to Solent Student’s Union and sign up to the society. The membership fee is £5 and benefits include, but aren’t limited to, access to local press events and exclusive students discounts.

If you do decide to write for us, please read the following instructions and consider coming to our next meeting.

Please take the time to read through the Editor and Contributor Handbook 2018-19

This is located as a file in the Sonar Magazine 2018-19 members group on Facebook, or you can simply request the document from any of your committee members if you struggle to locate it

To write for Sonar Magazine you’ll need to have a have an account with WordPress, the hosting site we use for our website. 

This is easy enough to do and you aren’t required to create your own blog or website to access WordPress.

  • Please email sonarmagazinesubmissions@gmail.com and request a contributor invite. For reference please state your full name, email address and membership status (i.e if you’ve paid the £5 society membership fee at the SU).
  • You be unable to become a contributor until you have signed up at the SU and paid the membership fee.

Please fill out all relevant account details on WordPress. These include your forename and surname, username, description and profile image. You don’t have to use your birth name, nicknames are absolutely fine, this is how you’ll be credited on the site. We would prefer if your profile photo is a headshot taken by us, but if you are unable to have one taken please use an appropriate portrait image of yourself until further action. If you attend any of the meetings Rob will be able to have your portrait taken on the day.

  • Please write and format your content on WordPress including both a headline and featured image (the minimum size is 1920x1200px)
  • But, you won’t be able to publish anything until a committee member approves your post!
  • We may have some questions about your work or request further editing, so keep an eye out for any emails from us
  • We check the website for new content often, but if you have any questions going forward please feel free to email, or message commitee member’s Rob, Joe or Ollie.
  • sonarmagazinesubmissions@gmail.com

Sonar Magazine members meet at 5:15pm every Tuesday, in room JM230a at Solent University. Please get in contact if you require any assistance finding us.